About our contributors

List of contributors
Ben Baumberg
Brendan Saloner

Ben Baumberg

I’m a final year PhD student at the London School of Economics, having worked as a researcher for a couple of years before this.  I’m interested in a pretty diverse range of things, including:

  • Disability benefits, working conditions and fitness-for-work  (which is what my thesis investigates);
  • The relationship between evidence and policy;
  • Public health policy on alcohol and other addictions;
  • Attitudes towards inequality and towards people claiming benefits.

You can find out more about my research – and also get in touch – at http://www.benbaumberg.com

Brendan Saloner

I’m a a doctoral candidate at Harvard studying health policy. My research focuses on the intersection of health and welfare policy, and I draw on my training in applied political philosophy as well as empirical methods. Topics of interest include the relationship between health and economic wellbeing, the effects of public insurance on health, and mental health policy. I have previously worked at the Urban Institute and the RAND Corporation.

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